FDA Flea/Tick Medications

Last week, several news outlets have been looking into the safety of flea and tick medications. We want to inform our clients of the actual safety of those products and the very rare occurrence for any side effects other than the occasional gastrointestinal upset! We spoke with several of our manufactures and have put together information to educate everyone. Please read and share with everyone so we can all understand the benefits are far greater than the risks of these medications for our animals.

From Merck Animal Health:

  • Merck Animal Health, the manufacturer of the Bravecto portfolio of products, remains confident in the safety and efficacy of Bravecto, which has been established through comprehensive clinical research in more than 170 studies. Nothing has changed about the Bravecto product. The current FDA communication is based on information gathered on the isoxazoline class as a whole and therefore applies to all products in the class, which includes Bravecto.
  • After over three years of surveillance of more than 80 million Bravecto doses distributed in 85 countries, the overall worldwide reporting rate for neurological signs, including seizures, remains classified as very rare. Very rare is defined by international regulatory authorities as less than 1 in 10,000 reported adverse events. Every molecule is unique, even within a class, and each has its own safety profile. This is why it’s important for all pet owners to speak to their veterinarian before making a decision about flea and tick control products for their dog.
  • Nothing is more important to Merck Animal Health than the safety and efficacy of our products and the well-being of animals. We encourage all pet owners to speak to their veterinarian before making a decision about flea and tick control products. More than just a nuisance, fleas and ticks transmit disease and pose animal and human health risks. It is critical to protect pets from these parasites.

The FDA does a routine check 2 years after a product goes on the market to go back and check side effects and efficacy. This is something the FDA does on every medication out there and they are just checking and rechecking how the product is working and if any new side effects or issues have arose. As new medications are out on the market, the FDA will continue to do studies on the new drugs added to this class of medications. Bravecto and Nexgard, our two in house flea and tick products, are not affected by this and have not changed anything since they have been on the market. Both have already gone through their routine FDA check since they have been on the market for several years.

If your pets have been taking these preventatives and have never had any symptoms of an adverse reaction, then you are safe to continue using these products. Nothing in them has changed and nothing new will just show up. It is similar to having an allergy to something, if you are allergic, the first time or two you are in contact, you will know that you have a problem with that specific product. The chance is so small to have any type of reaction.

Below is a link to the FDA report if you are interested in reading through it! If you have any questions, contact Main Street Animal Hospital and we will be happy to answer any questions!



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