Heartworm Disease

How can my dog get heartworm disease?

#1 A mosquito bites an infected dog and ingests tiny heartworm larvae.

#2 Inside the mosquito, the tiny larvae begin to develop.

#3 That same mosquito then bites a dog somewhere else and infects the new dog.

#4 The larvae develop and continue to grow in the heart and lungs as adult worms if the dog is not on monthly heartworm preventative which can eventually lead to death

Why give preventative all year round?

Here in Amelia, Ohio our weather changes so much it is never at a constant temperature. Without having a solid freeze over the winter, mosquitoes can potentially live through the entire year. Heartworm preventative works by killing the larvae that enter the body, it doesn’t work on adult worms so you have to keep up with it monthly, it isn’t something you can give every so often. Once the larvae have turned into adults, you will have to go through a much more expensive treatment! It only costs $7-11 a month to prevent the disease but treating it can be several thousand.Just because you have a pet that only goes outside to go to the bathroom doesn’t mean they are not at risk. Mosquitoes are tricky and can even be found flying in the house! It only takes one bite to infect and unsuspecting dog. Here at Main Street Animal Hospital, we want your dogs around with you as long as possible. Dr. Melanie Wood and her staff care about each and every pet like their own and we will continue to educate our clients to the best of our ability. Heartworm preventative can be started at their first puppy visit and should be continued throughout the entirety of the animals life. Ask our friendly staff today if you need more preventative or have never had any! Once your dog tests negative for heartworms they can be started on the monthly preventative.


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