Winter Time Tricks

Winter Time Blues 

Winter time can be a fun time for everyone to bundle up and play in the snow! This also can be another time of year where education is key and can keep your pets happy and healthy.

*Bring outside dogs in! In the summer, dogs are fine in dog houses outside as long as there aren’t extreme heat waves. Winter time is a different story. Just because your dog has put on his “winter coat” doesn’t mean he is equipped to handle the extreme cold for extended periods of time.

*If you feed outside stray cats and are not able to bring them in, setting them up an insulated home to go into is crucial to keeping them comfortable. Pets are able to get frostbite and freeze to death, the same as we could if left out in extreme temps.

*When bringing in pets from short walks or play time outside, wipe their feet. They can get little ice balls stuck to the pads of their feet that can be uncomfortable. Keep walks and playtime shortened when the weather is below freezing.

*Antifreeze is DEADLY, even in small amounts. When working in the garage, make sure you are cleaning up any spills that occur, even if you aren’t sure what the liquid was. Just a few licks can be deadly.

*Adjusting your pet’s diet may be necessary in the winter. If they are outside more (for the thicker coated breeds such as huskies and newfoundlands), adding calorie intake is necessary to keep up with burning more energy being outside in the cold. If your animal turns into a couch potato in the winter time from lack of outside time, then cutting back on food might be necessary so we aren’t packing on the pounds.

*Make sure the coast is clear in your vehicle before heading off for the morning! Cats and other small critters like to take refuge in engines and tires to stay out of the wind and cold.

*Same as summer time do not leave your pets in the car unattended. Cars get cold quick, same as they heat up fast. If you are going somewhere with your pet, make sure they can go in with you or you have an extra person with you to stay in the car with the car running while you run your errands.

Below is a link to building an outside cat shelter for stray or outside cats!


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